About Making A Difference

Hi, I'm Anita,
Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. I'm always grateful that people support what I'm trying to do.
It's true to say that I didn't come into the golf industry because of a childhood desire to work in the game. But since I've been here, I realised what a great thing it is to be doing- and that is why Golf Addiction started in the first place. 

Why golf? Well, from being in a position 3 years ago, of knowing very little about golf I suddenly found myself rubbing shoulders with golf royalty. I knew that there must be many people that would envy me the chances that I have had to ask Lydia Ko about her game, or to admire Yani Tseng in person. And how many celebrity golfers have I met? Too many to count.
As a mother, why wouldn't I want my son to show respect across the generations, be able to interact across social demographics, dress well, have self respect- show a little competitive spirit whilst not being all that aggressive about it- and definitely learn the skill of true sportsmanship? 
All, whilst putting the mobile device on the shelf and forgetting about it. As Kevin Bacon would say- Its a no brainer.

So I left my job, and started Golf Addiction. 
With Jo "Chap" Morley
In a game which has been diminishing, I wanted to make a difference for the right reasons. To grow the game, to make the game more accessible- and as a retailer, put golf at the front of the transaction- not money. One of my key policies is that I am not a discounter. I don't want my staff to work hard for less pay therefore I don't negotiate on price. Instead I concentrate on the right first time element to drive value for the customer. I want my customers to be able to rely on sound advice and not be lead by volume driven sales tactics- therefore none of my staff are given incentives on brands. 

I know I can't ignore the online market place forever, but as a starting point I want to support the local communities where I operate. My employees are local, so they put their own cash back into the local economy- and- whilst I don't employ ageist policies- I am happy to support some of the younger generation in jobs they would not have in a large online distribution warehouses.
Certainly when I started working in my first traditional Saturday job at 16, it taught me the value of earning a living and now, I'm fortunate to be in the position to be able to do it for someone else. No one can deny that youngsters today get a rough deal in the job market because of lack of opportunities.
Getting a selfie with some lesser known player...
So, my aim with Golf Addiction is
  • To encourage new golfers to the game by operating in accessible locations, after all, not many non golfers walk into a golf course by accident- but a lot of them walk by places like Asda..
  • Bring the passion for the game back to those lapsed golfers.
  • Make golf more accessible by creating a conversation with the general public about how to start out.
  • Support golf courses local to where I operate, and even those that are further afield by being open and transparent and engaging with their on course staff.
  • Make golf cool again. (Or even cooler than it was before).
Supporting other local businesses
I'm really grateful for the support that Golf Addiction has been fortunate to have had so far, so thank you.
I hope that golf becomes a more frequent consideration in sporting choices for kids, and I'm doing my bit to make sure that it does and through your ongoing custom- that can become a reality for the next generation- and now golf is an Olympic sport- we're going to need it. 

I thought I'd put it in writing- so if in 5 years you think I've forgotten what I came here to do- you can remind me.

Cheers, Anita.

Newark. 8.4.2016