About Us

We know that golf is a game all on its' own terms. We know it can be the most frustrating game on the planet. There is just so little between a hole in one, and 4 over par.  For the players that have been coming to us from the start, you will see a better player on average because we spend our time helping your game. For everyone else, if and when all else has already failed, thats when they come to us.

And some golfers have been coming to us for years already, because they know the difference that independent advice can make. 

As a company we don't put the profit at the front of the transaction- we put the golf there. Our understanding and help- our access to the very best services and brands ensure that when you come to us- some of the work has already been done. We know you know your own golf- but we act as a filter on your behalf when buying new equipment, because we don't want your hobby to be one of hours spent searching for bargains and trying to cut costs- we want that time to be spent on the course- playing the game that you and we love, with the reassurance, that your kit- is the best you needed- and that we helped you find it- first time.