Introducing PXG

We are fortunate at Golf Addiction to be able to offer PXG as one of our brands. For anyone who doesn't know anything about PXG, they are arguably the best clubs in the world, having been manufactured with only one criteria in mind: Performance. 
It is an incredibly innovative hardware brand and Bob Parsons, Owner & Founder of PXG, means what he says, 
"Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do, Period."

Gene Fulton with Bob & Renee Parsons

If you've heard anything at all about PXG, then you'll know that the brand doesn't come cheap. Getting it right first time is therefore very important, and PXG is a custom fit only club.  

One of the reasons why we are able to offer PXG to our customers is Gene Fulton's expertise as a Tour spec club fitter, and to that end, Gene one of a small number of individuals selected to be a PXG Ambassador. ​ 

There are no tolerances because these clubs are not mass produced and its the only club in the market place that offers limited lifetime warranty. Each purchase of PXG golf clubs at Golf Addiction, will entitle you to to 2 year's MOT from date of purchase- for further details of what this means- speak with Gene, who will be fitting you for your bag. We ship direct from PXG in Scottsdale, Arizona, & build from component in our workshop in Leicester.​ 

A fitting for PXG will take some of your time, and if you're building your bag for the first time, you'll need at least an hour put aside to fit your irons. We don't believe in spontaneous purchasing which is why you will need to reserve an appointment.

Because our commitment is to Do It Right as well. 
And thats the reason why nobody fits PXG the way we do. Period. 

Please register your interest on the form below, or book in by calling us on 01636 676 856 - We will arrange a call back with you, to talk through your initial requirements.

If you're looking to purchase a PXG golf bag, or any other of the PXG accessories that we stock - have a look at our online PXG store here