What We Do

At Golf Addiction, we concentrate on Golf. Its not always the case for our competitors. Many of them focus on price. 
It's not about being immune to budget, we all have to worry about what we can afford, but it is about value for money.

We don't let you waste money by fitting you to something beyond your capability- which only increases the price for no reason, whilst doing nothing for your handicap. 

To that end, we make sure we look at the market place on your behalf, looking to minimise on upcharges, ensuring quality, and sticking with brands who offer a customer service which is second to none. Innovators in the market place. Those brands that are keeping up with, and being ahead of the times.

And then of course we offer that extra special service, because we hand build everything from Benross to PXG in what is the largest independent workshop in the UK.

Gone are the days of being fitted to something which is magically on the rack in store- we order everything in to your fitting specification- which is why you don't see lots of clubs on the rack- but you'll see lots of demos in our fitting studio.
So be prepared to wait because it #FeelsLikeChristmas.

We don't want to see you spend a fortune on lessons when a simple club change could improve what you're capable of. 

Likewise, we won't let you spend money on hardware, when a lesson will take care of a simple skill to improve your ball strike. So we'll recommend someone if you need help with lessons. 

Golf Addiction has a reputation for doing the right thing, because so many players need to speak to someone who they can trust. 

​See you soon.